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Local 208 Fightback Campaign


TWU Local 208 has been engaged in a fightback campaign for the last two years. Elements of the campaign include:

  • Member education about the threat of autonomous vehicles (one-on-one workplace outreach, distribution of fliers, membership meetings, etc.);

  • Meetings with the Mayor of Columbus, City Council Members and the COTA CEO to give them the message that transit service is under Local 208 jurisdiction;

  • from Local 208 president before the OH House of Representatives’ Transportation and Public Safety Committee (December 2017), followed by a press conference;

  • Public outreach via leafletting actions, op-eds and media stories;

  • Integration of the driverless bus issue into our for the OH gubernatorial race;

  • Passage of a (June 2018) that noted the importance of maintaining existing and future bus operator and maintenance jobs and committed to working with Local 208 to “

  • At the OH state AFL-CIO meeting (9/17-19), TWU will host a on driverless buses to about the threat of AVs;

  • Launch a that will include labor, community, disability rights, environmental and student organizations.

  • Because of TWU’s campaign, COTA and the OH DOT have agreed that Local 208 members will be on-board and will maintain the driverless vehicles used in the upcoming pilot project in downtown Columbus.